uses its behavioral analysis software engine to help consumers search and find relevant information, products, and services faster and easier than ever before.
With a complete alpha prototype, we are developing our beta software, preparing for customer and consumer testing, and seeking partners and beta consumers to test our system’s features and a trial website of book reviews.
For more information about using ClearlyBest software on your website or to ask for a demonstration of our unique technology, please email
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For Consumers:
  1. Finding consumers relevant pages with answers to their transaction, information, or navigation search queries.
  2. Bringing user-important products, services, and information to the forefront during site visits.
  3. Increasing consumer satisfaction and facilitating service.
  4. Personalizing key interest areas to users with widget based notification and access.
For Site Operators:
  1. Creating landing pages that mirror specific consumer interests and dynamically customizing these pages to them.
  2. Targeting and optimizing ads and content to current active consumer interests.
  3. Networking ad and content inventories.
  4. Controlling and reporting ad campaign and inventory utilization/effectiveness/ROI.